Share music with friends easily on Soundwave.

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Instant. Music. Messenger.

Create private group chats to share songs from any music app and chat instantly with friends. Swipe to see all the songs that have been shared in the chat. Its a simple, fun way to create playlists together.

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Powered by your plays.

Connect your favourite music apps so everything you play on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube etc will be logged to your Soundwave profile for safekeeping. Never lose a song again.

Music on tap.

Play full YouTube videos inside Soundwave or open any song in Spotify, Rdio or Deezer with the tap of a button.

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'It’s like Instagram for music. Loving the experience!'

'So cool being able to circle an area on the map and see what songs are being listened to right there'

'Simple idea, executed beautifully'

'I have never been one for apps but I can't leave this one alone'

'I really think artists will use the information in the future to govern where to playand indeed what tracks to include in their playlists'

'This is a great app for music lovers; tonnes of music and a cool music map'

'This has overhauled my music library '

'Love that it automatically logs and shares everything I listen to. Great app!'

'Must have app if you love music'

'Love Soundwave! Loads of fun to use and community is pretty awesome!'

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